Production Process and Products
It is compulsory that any raw material and auxiliary material received at our company from our suppliers are subjected to Incoming Quality Control tests according to the defined standards of quality and production and receive “Suitable for Production” approval.
Our laboratories
Our laboratories conduct analyses using cutting-edge devices and international methods. Thanks to their equipment that provide fast and reliable results, the analyses of all our product group are carried out accurately and within a short time.
R & D Policy
Research and Development Department in where several formulations, laboratory experiments and improvement efforts of existing products is performed, reinforces the missions of Aydos Construction Chemicals.
We are aware of nature and the environment!

We are a company that protects the environment natural resources with social responsibility awareness,creates added value for collecting, individuals and does not compromise on its principles ethics.

News From Us
AYDOS CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS, which will expand its range of products in its new production facility, aims to introduce new products to the industry thanks to the R&D department it has set up.
Started out as a manufacturer of concrete admixtures of 30 kg in a small workshop in Istanbul and become a brand in construction and ready-mixed concrete industries that even goes beyond Turkey today, Aydos Construction Chemicals has celebrated the 30th anniversary of its foundation.